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"Linguistically Inspired Learning Applications for the Language Arts"

The Problem

Reading comprehension, along with associated writing ability, is a major concern for parents and educators at all levels and in all subjects. In much the same way as arithmetic skills serve as a foundation for all subsequent learning in the STEM disciplines, basic reading skills are a prerequisite for every academic subject that involves the decoding of texts (that is to say, all of them). With this in mind, it is not surprising that the centrality of success in reading (and writing) is a precursor to all other areas of educational attainment is universally recognized (as evidenced in legislative efforts within the State of South Carolina to deal with the perceived problem - i.e. "Read to Succeed!").

Our Solution

The SpellingBits® part of Wordification® is an application which allows a student user (or the teacher of the user) to practice matching words and parts of words to their corresponding sounds. Student users will be able either to play with SpellingBits® as a stand-alone free-play spelling app, or to learn and practice particular aspects of English spelling under an instructor's guidance.

As configured, the application allows the instructor to individualize spelling-instruction for a group of students or an individual student, and to decide which patterns and skills they wish to have them practice. The user (or instructor) can control the application in the following ways: (i) selection of grade level, (ii) selection of difficulty level of individual exercises, (iii) choice of spelling patterns to practice, and (iv) choice of sound patterns within words.

The flexibility of this application, in its ability to focus individual student's learning on particular skills, is what is to-date unprecedented and what allows the application to be a more powerful tool for spelling instruction than any other software currently available. In this respect, it should eliminate the need for teacher-generated spelling worksheets, exercises, and quizzes for students in grades K-4.

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We will soon be able to provide early release versions of Wordification®. Please contact us by sending email to "info" at "".

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